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safeguard.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Protect against unbounded recursion.

It would be fairly easy for somebody to get confused in masquerade mode and try to get distcc to invoke itself in a loop. We can't always work out the right thing to do but we can at least flag an error.

This environment variable is set to guard against distcc accidentally recursively invoking itself, thinking it's the real compiler.

Definition in file safeguard.cpp.

#include "logging.h"

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void dcc_increment_safeguard (void)
int dcc_recursion_safeguard (void)


static int dcc_safeguard_level
static const char dcc_safeguard_name [] = "_ICECREAM_SAFEGUARD"
static char dcc_safeguard_set [] = "_ICECREAM_SAFEGUARD=1"

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